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Maurice Sambra

(Santiago de Cuba, 1974)
— Graduated of Provincial Art School, 1992
— Graduated of Vocational Art School, 1989





Contest Carnival Santiaguero   1989
Contest Santiaguera Cultural Week   1988
Contest 30 of November   1987
Contest Grabado   1990
Contest Turquisa (For Textil Design)   1988-1989
Collective Exhibitions    
Havana Feeling Restaurant, "My Community"   Toronto Ca- Oct, 2006
Gallery Oriente   Cuba-1989 y 1992
Gallery Universal   Cuba 1989
Gallery Art School (Painting Award "The Nest")   Cuba-1988
Personal Exhibitions    
FRWY Café "Cuban Awareness Event"   Toronto Ca- June 2006
Multicultural Annual Festival   Waterloo, Ca- Oct 2005
Community Centre Sandy Hill -5th Anniversary CCF   Ottawa, Ca- Sept 2003
Gallery York Hispanic Centre "Free Speech"   Toronto, Ca- May 2003
Gallery Art School "Sigue Apretando"   Cuba-1991
Gallery UNEAC "Aquarelle Scenery"   Cuba-1990
Museum Carnival Santiago "My City"   Cuba-1989
Book Illustrations    
"Special" for the book ensay The Unique José Martí..., of Ismael Sambra   1991
"Rain of Illusion" for the book Living the Dreamed, of Ismael Sambra.   1990
"Island without Map" for the book The Angles of the Silence, of Ismael Sambra.    
“Especial” for the book Under Festive Lamps, of Ismael Sambra.   2004
Brothers to the Rescue for the book Dear Lovers of Freedom, of Ismael Sambra   2005