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Book Illustrations

Of book "Under Festive Lamps" of Ismael Sambra
The Fall (Plumilla sobre Cartulina)   The Poets Arrive Late to Class (Plumilla sobre Cartulina)   Paradox (Plumilla sobre Cartulina)
Soil Woman (Plumilla sobre Cartulina)
First Poetics (Plumilla sobre Cartulina)
  Prometheus Chained (Plumilla sobre Cartulina)

Book Covers

The Unique Jose Marti Main Opponent to Fidel Castro
Family Man or Monolog of the Confessions, of Ismael Sambra
  "Island without Map"  for the book The Angles of the Silence, of Ismael Sambra    "Rain of Illusion" for the book To live the dreamed of Ismael Sambra   for the book "Under Festive Lamps" of Ismael Sambra   "Brothers to the Rescue",(Oil on Canvas) for the book Dear Lovers of Freedom, of Ismael Sambra.

Magazine Covers

"Rain of Illusion",(Oil on Canvas) for the magazine Sinalefa
For magazine Sinalefa